Kate de Longpre'
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Pumpkin Carving Champion Kate de Longpre’

Pumpkin Carving Champion Kate de Longpre’


Kate de Longpre’ is an Associate Creative Director (with a background in art direction) originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She currently travels the United States freelancing wherever her unique approach to advertising is needed. Kate received her masters from the ad program at VCU Brandcenter and has spent nearly a decade helping brands break through the clutter. In so doing, she has seen multiple campaigns receive award show recognition, and numerous brands and product lines prosper. Kate is a passionate mentor who believes in empowering the next generation of creatives, providing them with advice and support. She enjoys being in front of a crowd and has been learning, performing, and coaching improv comedy for over nine years. Kate also loves, gardening, woodworking, pumpkin carving, and bee-keeping and has developed a line of honey and other bee-products with her father. She is currently available for freelance projects.

Resume PDF available upon request.


Canon, Boeing, Toyota, Macy’s, Verizon, Coffee-Mate, Royal Caribbean, Smirnoff, Schick, Absolute, HSBC, Halls, Kleenex, Stouffer's, Lux, Vonage, Litter Genie, Skinny Cow, Comcast, Lean Cuisine, Odd Mom Out (USA Network), H&R Block, Good Thins, Wasa, Kelly Blue Book, Coke Freestyle, Google Pixel, Purina Beyond, CarMax, imageCLASS Printers, imageFORMULA Scanners & more.