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Tech Savvy Granny


Tech Savvy Granny 

Meet Verizon’s new spokesperson Grandma Ellie, a tech savvy lady and thoughtful gift-giver who redefines "Grandma gifts."


Grandma Ellie, So Tech Savvy She Runs Her Own Social Channels... and Verizon's Too. 

Ellie launched into the competitive world of YouTube with her very own tech haul video and fans loved it. She then extended her reach collaborating with influencers, responding to fans requests for gift advice and even launching a video for all of those naughty last-minute shoppers.


Fans on Verizon loved interacting with Grannie Ellie; in fact, many people mistook her for an actual grandmother. It that's not success then I guess the uptake in sales at Verizon stores will have to do.