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Printers in Concert

Printers in Concert

Canon’s imageCLASS office printers conduct a symphony by printing music LIVE in front of musicians.

One Show 2016: Shortlist, Online Films & Video


an orchestra conducted by printers performs LIVE at the United Palace Theatre

This world class orchestra performs a custom arrangement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony LIVE at the United Palace Theatre in New York City. The catch, instead of reading sheet music on a stand, we surprised the orchestra with 19 imageCLASS printers that printed the sheet music in front of them in real time.

To pull it off, the printers had to print a combined 70 pages over the course of the 90-second arrangement, in complete synchronization. This feat required absolute precision timing (down to a millisecond) from the printers. The resulting performance was executed in perfect synchronization, without missing a single beat, proving that imageCLASS printers are able to perform flawlessly in any situation.


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This campaign had many setbacks due to it’s extraordinary budget limitations and catastrophic events on the shoot day. See the campaign as originally imagined and sold to the client below. The password is “password.”

Password is password.