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Printers in Concert

Printers in Concert

Canon’s imageCLASS office printers conduct a symphony by printing music LIVE in front of musicians.

One Show 2016: Shortlist, Online Films & Video


an orchestra conducted by printers performs LIVE at the United Palace Theatre

This world class orchestra performs a custom arrangement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony LIVE at the United Palace Theatre in New York City. The catch, instead of reading sheet music on a stand, we surprised the orchestra with 19 imageCLASS printers that printed the sheet music in front of them in real time.

To pull it off, the printers had to print a combined 70 pages over the course of the 90-second arrangement, in complete synchronization. This feat required absolute precision timing (down to a millisecond) from the printers. The resulting performance was executed in perfect synchronization, without missing a single beat, proving that imageCLASS printers are able to perform flawlessly in any situation.

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