Printers in Concert

A network of imageCLASS office printers conducts a symphony live on stage; printing sheet music in front of the unsuspecting musicians as they play.

One Show 2017: Shortlist, Online Films & Video


How Canon's Office Printer Campaign Went Beyond B2B

This campaign represents a new overall approach to B2B marketing, moving beyond the standard list of specs and costs. Instead of merging art with business and tech to enhance and even beautify the perception of everyday office products.

To demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of Canon's imageCLASS office printers, we asked a 19-person orchestra to perform a custom arrangement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. The catch, instead of reading sheet music on a stand, we surprised them with 19 imageCLASS printers that printed the sheet music in front of them one sheet at a time, as they played. 

To pull it off, the printers had to print a combined 70 pages over the course of the 90-second arrangement, in complete synchronization. This feat required absolute precision timing (down to a millisecond) from the network of office printers. The resulting performance was executed in perfect synchronization, without missing a single beat, proof of the products outstanding reliability and performance. 


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Video Comp Used to Sell The Campaign

To ensure that this campaign sold through, both internally and externally, my partner and I created this video comp of how we saw the idea coming to life. This video is the purest form of this idea, and the results move me to this day. PASSWORD: symphony

Password: symphony