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#MyPits Challenge

Wieden + Kennedy Seeks Help on Old Spice in Crazy, Epic Job Listing

"Upload the most pictures of your armpit(s) to Instagram over the course of the next week. Photos must have your face in them to verify your their identity and be posted with #MyPits. After the challenge is completed, each participant must submit a case study presentation deck outlining what you did and why it was effective."


With four days left in the challenge and hurricane Sandy in full force, I decided to attempt the #MyPits challenge.

I determined that Social isn't about making the MOST posts (like the challenge wants), social is about reaching most people.

With that in mind I set to making my armpits Instagram worthy. Then ventured into populated locations and invited people to Instagram #MyPits. When the challenge was over I was selected for an interview. 


Special Thanks To...

@laurenalbee, @clinehensjl, @gbsquared, @laserswan, @cgarber, @codypate, @hpechin, and the countless other people who shared #mypits.