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Legendary From Day One


Legendary From Day One

One Show 2017: Shortlist, Experiential / Installations
One Show 2017: Shortlist, Experiential / Live Events

The 5D Mark IV, a camera so good it takes photos worthy of the Whitney on the day it’s released.


On the day the new Canon 5D Mark IV was released a gallery in the Whitney Museum stood empty awaiting the photos they would take. Just 24 hours later art critics and journalists watched as the room filled with photographs (and one epic video) shot on the camera, proving the 5D Mark IV was legendary from day one. 


Within 24 Hours of the event 115 unique ADs Featuring the Photos were released

To extend the reach of the campaign beyond the walls of the Whitney, we used the image assets created by our photographers to launch 115 pieces of media within 24 hours. Using our four photographers to create targeted ads catering to each of our key demographics; outdoor, wedding, portrait and video photography professionals.

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