imageclass color remix

Following the success of their Printers in Concert campaign, our client at Canon came to us with a little money and a big ask. Announce the addition of color printers to the imageCLASS. Bonus points: Tie it to thePrinters in Concert campaign that is still running in the market. 


Facebook Canvas Ad

On the left is what appeared in viewers news feed on the right is the interactive unit in action. Viewers were able to control the music with their finger keeping the music going with their swipes. 


Reworked to be used 

YouTube and More 

Following the success of the canvas ad, our client requested that we use the assets we created to make a video and a series of other units. 


Creative Director - Kate de Longpre' 

Senior Art Director - Kate de Longpre' 

Copywriter - Dhanush Paramesh